New York Licensed Lawyer

Employer: Anderson & Anderson (New York) LLP, office located at 30 Wall Street, Fl 8th, New York, NY

Please email resume, transcript, writing sample, proof of NY state bar license, and two letters of recommendation to

Duties: Represent clients in all phases of civil litigation.

Conduct initial case investigations to determine if enough evidence exists to warrant filing a lawsuit. Assess what evidence exists to defend a potential or existing suit against the client.

Conduct legal research and draft legal memorandum, analyze the case based on the law and the facts. Communicate with and give legal advice to clients.

Draft a variety of pleadings and motions, including summons, complaint, answers, motion to strike, motion to dismiss, motion to remand, reply memorandum, etc.

Prepare and appear before the court for motion hearings and conferences.

Meet with opposing counsel for meet and confer process before motion hearing.

Conduct discovery and collect evidence from the opponent by drafting interrogatories (a series of written questions that the other party to the lawsuit must answer), request for admissions, request for document production, etc.

Depose the opponent or defend the client in depositions, which involve oral questions the parties answer under oath. Conduct pre-trial depositions of experts and key witnesses, prepare demonstrative evidence to be used as trial exhibits, and draft and argue pre-trial motions such as those dealing with the admissibility of certain evidence at trial.

Examine physical evidence and collect, process, and analyze information gathered during e-discovery.

Draft and argue discovery-related motions including motions to compel the other side to respond to discovery requests if they haven't done so within a specified time period.

Consult with and advise clients, retain expert witnesses, attend pre-trial conferences, and develop trial strategies based on the facts and evidence.

Conduct settlement negotiations with the opposing counsel.

Participate in arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences with the judge. Create settlement brochures, agreements, releases, and other materials to memorialize any agreement that's reached.

Draft post-trial motions, identify and preserve issues for appeal, develop appellate strategies, gather evidence for the appellate record, research procedural issues, draft appellate documents, and present oral arguments before appellate courts.

Draft, review, and revise contract. Conduct due diligence work and give legal opinion to clients. Establish new corporations, joint ventures, merger & acquisitions.