IP Consultant



Ms. Jiang has been professionally active as a IP consultant since 2014. The scope of her expertise is expansive, as she has successfully aided a considerable number of company and person at home abroad on patent application, trademark registration, copyright registration, patent reexamination and invalidation.Ms. Jiang Yingyan’s talent stems from her ability to speak with clients thoughtfully, render insightful legal advice, and a conviction that her support should endure until the matter is resolved. She is an invaluable member of the Anderson team and remains a source of sound IP consultant for clients.


July 2013, graduated from South China Agricultural University, Guangdong, Juris Master in Law School


Fluent in Chinese, English.

Legal Specializations:

Patent Law, Trademark Law and Copyright Law


Examples of Cases and Transactions:

Patent application and response to further office action;

Patent invalidation;

Patent and technology transfer;

Trademark registration;

Trademark transfer;

Renewal of trademark.