General Manager


Introduction: Wu Laiping (IP Specialist and corporate registration division) was born in China in November of 1967. Ms. Wu Laiping has extensive working experience and management skills developed over 20 years. She has been working in an American law firm since 1989 and managing it’s Asian Offices in over twelve locations and currently manages Anderson & Anderson LLP’s Asian Offices.


She has been active in providing services for registration of intellectual property in Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Mongolia, elsewhere in Asia and in the USA, for leading companies. She has also assisted in establishing corporations in those areas for numerous clients. Ms. Wu also represented companies and individuals in government fee disputes in Hong Kong.


Education: Wu Lai Ping received her Joint Diploma in Management Studies from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and The Hong Kong Management Association in 2000; Master of Management in Human Resource Management in 2002 as well as Master of Business Administration in 2004 from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.


Languages: English; Chinese(Cantonese, Mandarin)


Legal Specializations: Intellectual Property and Corporate Registration and Management.


Offices: Hong Kong; Macau; Guangzhou.