Real Estate

Whether you own a single building or hundreds across the globe or own a hotel or conglomerate, property transactions are local and subject to the varying laws of each country. Who actually owns the property? Are there any liens or restrictions on use of the property? How much is the property actually worth? Whom are you buying from or selling to, and what else do you need to know about the person you are going into business with? Can a foreigner acquire land or land-use rights in China, Mongolia, USA, Hong Kong, the Philippines or some other jurisdiction?


These questions are just the beginning of a list of serious questions when starting a real estate venture. Because Anderson & Anderson has been working in Asia for decades, we have prepared the ground-work for what must be done. We have local attorneys who know their way with the local laws, languages, cultural rules, and political uncertainties. In China and Mongolia, we help open the doors for real estate investment. Our firm was the first international law firm to open an office in modern China and independent Mongolia, and we have been working with clients there for many decades, especially assisting foreign investors or individuals in purchasing or financing a variety of properties in China and Mongolia. With respect to the Land Law of Mongolia, please find the link to read an article as follows:


Our attorneys’ experience ranges broadly from offshore companies acquiring factories and hotel complexes to foreign individuals buying or leasing a residential property. We are used to working closely with legal counsel, whether they are in-house or outside. We can provide a variety of services for our clients in real estate. We assist in developing and structuring projects, as well as negotiating any desired financing. Because of the transnational expertise of our firm, we are adept and experienced in handling cross-border transactions.


Examples of the Firm’s Attorneys’ Work in Real Estate Law:

·         Assisted major corporations in securing land-use rights in China for housing and commercial developments in second- and third-tier cities;

·         Worked with in-house legal counsel of a large international fast-food chain to obtain real estate in China for its retail locations;

·         Represented the China Export-Import Bank in financing real estate in Mongolia;

·         Assisted numerous companies in acquiring land rights and real property in China, Mongolia and the U.S.A;

·         Undertook government procedures on behalf of project corporations to acquire land use rights in China and Mongolia;

·         Served as facilitator and counsel for the Seller of trophy property in Manhattan;

·         Litigated real estate disputes in China, Mongolia and the U.S.A;

·         Assisted numerous Chinese nationals to rightfully reclaim family-owned property that had been occupied by others, seized by the government, or otherwise distrained.