The exploration, mining, and use of natural resources makes modern life possible. Anderson & Anderson is uniquely positioned to assist companies and corporations around the world in two of the fastest growing markets for these resources, China and Mongolia. Our work in the mining sector has also brought us around the world to Korea, Canada and the U.S.


As the first international law firm in independent Mongolia and one of the first foreign law firms in modern China, Anderson & Anderson is ready to assist companies by working with them from due diligence through acquisition of mining rights. Mongolia has proven itself to be a country rich in natural resources and politically unique as one of the youngest democracies in the world. Particularly, the country has some of the largest and richest known deposits of coal and copper in the world. Deposits of uranium, gold, copper, molybdenum, and crude oil have already been discovered.  China’s rich resources are very well-known.


With much more of Mongolia left to be explored, the country’s actual deposits of other minerals have yet to be determined. Anderson & Anderson has already had people working in Mongolia for twenty-four years and in China for  more than forty years.


Anderson & Anderson has vast experience in mineral resources and energy laws and has undertaken all legal aspects of mining work on many occasions, including registering mining companies, applying for exploration and mining licenses, acquiring mining licenses, acquiring mining companies, undertaking legal due diligence on mines, mining licenses, etc., for major international mining corporations to small and medium sized legal entities. Previously, the firm has dealt with famous global and local mining companies.


Our firm has been very active in mining and energy projects and Anderson & Anderson’s managing partner, David C. Buxbaum, currently serves as Honorary Counsel to the Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF), an international organization based in Hong Kong.  In addition, our attorneys have helped Arco in its natural gas project off Hainan in Yinggehai with contractual negotiations and legal advice and represented Vedco in contractual negotiations and undertaking legal work regarding oil equipment and exploration.


Anderson’s legal publication have been featured in various publications such as the Mining Law Review.  Topics covered include an overview of the general legal system and market of Mongolia, laws on security market and investment, and other tax considerations. To download the article, please visit:



Examples of the Firm’s Attorneys’ Work in Mining: