Mergers, Acquisitions & Reorganizations

Corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations is one of Anderson & Anderson’s most vibrant practice areas. We routinely assist clients with structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing complicated, and often cross-border, mergers and acquisitions. Our considerable investment of time and energy towards understanding the various sectors within which our clients operate, equips our attorneys with a capacity to provide valuable insight for our clients. We have represented parties on all sides of agreements, including targets, bidders, minority shareholders and majority shareholders. Our broad expertise also includes negotiated mergers, joint ventures/strategic alliances and majority/minority investments.


Corporate transactions demand structured and advanced planning to maximize potential profit and mitigate risk. Whether a large corporation or a small business, we make sure that our clients have an understanding of all regulatory and governance issues. Financing, taxation, labor and intellectual property issues must be thought through carefully.


At Anderson & Anderson, our mergers & acquisitions specialists offer local expertise in Asia and as well as the United States. Our lawyers work together closely to identify all the risks, coordinate complex acquisitions and mergers, address local requirements, perform due diligence investigations, prepare documentation, and deliver exceptional legal advice to our clients.


Examples of the Firm’s Attorneys’ Work in Mergers, Acquisitions & Reorganizations:

·         Assisted a Chinese company’s acquisition of shares of an Israeli company by stock purchase;

·         Drafted and executed a Series A Convertible Preferred Share Purchase Agreement and a Series A Convertible Preferred Investor Rights          Agreement on behalf of a US company;

·         Facilitated a Hong Kong company’s multi-million dollar investment and acquisition of a US company’s newly-issued series of stock;

·         Drafted and executed a US company’s Articles of Association and Company Bylaws;

·         Completed numerous due diligence reports and undertook all contract preparation for acquisitions of companies in America, China, Hong Kong,          Mongolia, Israel, Europe and elsewhere;

·         Assisted and advised clients in developing strategic plans and benefits in investment projects;

·         Assisted clients in incorporating special purpose vehicles in various locations, including Hong Kong, U.S.A., Luxembourg, B.V.I., etc. for          investment projects;

·         Facilitated a merger of mining and energy companies in Mongolia;

·         Handled foreign acquisition of company shares in China, Mongolia and the U.S.A.