Intellectual Property

Intellectual property in this day and age is of such importance that it must be protected at the start of any business venture. Intellectual property is an essential part of a company’s competitive edge, and we understand its importance on a global scale as markets grow increasingly commoditized. We can help you maintain your edge from unscrupulous companies that would misappropriate your ideas and products. Anderson & Anderson was one of the first firms in Asia involved in protection of intellectual property and continues to be preeminent in this field among the world’s international law firms. With offices across Asia, we are capable of handling jobs efficiently and cost-effectively across multiple countries.


We offer the service and experience to register and protect trademarks, patents and copyrights across Asia, America and other jurisdictions. Our clients can rest assured that we will zealously protect their intellectual property through every means necessary, including going to court. We have had important successes in many industries.


We offer legal advice and comments on the current IP laws in China, Mongolia, and other foreign countries. Recently, the Ulaanbaatar office presided over a meeting where Anderson & Anderson suggested several proposed amendments to the current IP laws. We have also been prominent in protecting IP in Mongolia. We have substantial experience in civil and criminal litigation for our clients, both domestic and foreign, in protecting their IP rights. Our clients range from the largest corporations in the world to small businesses and individuals, and each receives the same level of attention to protect their intellectual property.


Examples of the Firm’s Attorneys’ Work in Intellectual Property Law: