Banking, Finance & Securities

Modern conveniences have made banking and financing much more convenient than just going to your local bank and depositing money or taking out a loan. Many clients now operate with their bank accounts halfway across the globe. These conveniences have made financial transactions far more complicated and risky, while also increasing the opportunities for rewards and savings.

Our clients in banking and financing are a diverse range of institutions, commercial borrowers, and lessees. We have helped them release IPOs, sell bonds off-shore, buy and create financial leases for airplanes, finance large infrastructure projects, invest overseas, reorganize businesses, and collect debts. We can provide assistance with securities and other asset-backed financing, such as through releasing an IPO on stock exchanges or as a bond around the world.

Anderson & Anderson can work with you from the beginning with the due diligence report to creating, negotiating, and executing the final contracts.


Examples of the Firm’s Attorneys’ Work in Banking and Finance:


Helped the listing of bonds by the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia on the Singapore Exchange.

Represented banks in finance-lease agreement for Airbus airplanes by Mongolian Airline MIAT; and Xinhua airlines in China.

Represented a financier in Singapore to create convertible loans using Mongolian mining right pledges as collateral.

Represented the world’s leading insurance company in its dealings with the Central Bank of Mongolia.

Registering the first joint venture insurance company in China.

Prepared convertible debentures for Hong Kong and BVI corporations.

Undertook due diligence for Chinese firms going public.

Helped companies publically list their shares on American stock exchanges.

Provided a Swiss and American financing company with legal advice regarding security market and security sharing and purchasing transactions in Mongolia respectively.

Provided the world famous international bank with legal advice on project agreements with Mongolian government.

Assisted a Chinese law firm in resolving legal disputes with the leading Mongolian bank in Mongolia.

Assisted many international companies in drafting various and different types of financing agreements with local companies in Mongolia.

Managing Partner of Anderson & Anderson, Mr. Buxbaum has successfully defended the Citibank Shanghai branch against Wa fang dian Ball bearing Company. For more details about this case, please find the link as follows: